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Business Visa Requirements

Detailed instructions

The following documents must be presented to the Russian Consulate:

For some types of visas and for nationals of certain countries Consulates may demand some or all of the following documents:

As soon as you receive your visa, please check it and if you discover any mistakes return it to the Consulate for correction.
The Consular fee usually depends on:

The Consular fee and method of payment varies between the different Consulates. Visa processing fees are not refundable. Consulates do not accept any applications by mail. The Consulate will not be responsible for any mistakes which are not brought to its attention before departure. The fee and conditions for applying for a business visa at a Russian Consulate are specific for each Consulate. All foreign nationals arriving in Russia must register their visa within three working days.

If you are staying in a hotel:
The hotel should register your visa for the period of your stay.

If you are renting an apartment:
You should contact our company for registration.

Unregistered visas can cause problems and delays with even the most common tasks that require a passport for identification and you may be obliged to pay a fine or be held by the police (militia).


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