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Work permits for foreign nationals

who need a visa to enter the Russian Federation

Cost of services for obtaining the complete package of necessary documents

Assistance in obtaining a work permit for the specialists with a salary of less than 2 000 000a a year

Processing time Cost of the service State duty
1 month from 9000a 10000a

The process of obtaining a work permit for foreign nationals who need a visa to enter the Russian Federation is divided into three stages:

Registration with the Center of Employment of the Population.

Any employer wishing to offer work to foreign nationals who need a visa to enter the Russian Federation must register details of the job vacancy with the regional Centre of Employment of the Population (CEP). CEP officials have one calendar month from the receipt of the request from the employer to search for candidates for the registered vacancy from among the Russian labour pool. If at the end of the month the CEP has not found a suitable Russian candidate for the vacancy, the job may then be open to foreign nationals. 

Registration with the Foreign Migration Service (FMS)

Once the CEP has confirmed that it has not found any suitable Russian candidates within the required month, the employer may then apply to the FMS for permission to seek foreign labour (this permit is known as an RPIRS) and to apply for individual work permits for foreign nationals. The 2 applications can be submitted under the “one window” system or as two individual sets of documents. It can take up to 60 days for the FMS to consider the application and process the documents.  If the decision is favourable the employer will receive permission to seek foreign labor. The RPIRS document, in an A4 format, comprises the employer’s requirements, a list of professions and the countries from which the employer plans to recruit workers . This document is the key to the whole process of obtaining a work permit. The document which enables a foreign national to work in Russia is the individual work permit and until this has been issued, a foreigner cannot be taken onto the staff of a company, issued with an employment contract and, more importantly, cannot be paid a salary.  The work permit contains information about the foreigner, the profession in which he can carry out his employment, the geographical region where he may work and the period of his employment.

Documents required for registration with the FMS

After going through all the above stages the employer will finally receive the RPIRS (this document should be filed in the Human Resources department or the Accounts department of the company), and all foreign employees will receive their individual work permits (copies or originals should preferably be filed in the Human Resources department or Accounts department too). Once the contract of employment has been finalised the employer must notify the regional CEP and the internal revenue service within 10 days that foreign employees have been recruited. It is possible to notify these authorities in person or by registered mail. Non-fulfillment of these legal requirements is considered an infringement and is punishable by penalties. Another very important requirement in preparing documents for foreign workers is the employer’s quota for seeking foreign labor. Employers must submit annual requests for such a quota by 1st May of the current year for the following year. If an employer cannot meet this deadline for declaring his estimated requirement for foreign workers, he can recruit them for “non quota” posts (please see below the list of the professions which do not require a quota), or apply to the interdepartmental commission with a request to allocate a quota for the current year. The Travelmart company can help with all questions concerning obtaining quotas. Please contact our managers for details.

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