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Work permits for highly qualified specialists

We are pleased to inform you that we now offer a new service  - assistance with obtaining work permits for highly qualified specialists. If the annual salary of your employees is two million rubles or more, you will be able to obtain three year work permits for these employees in just 20 days. On contacting us, you will have in-depth consultations regarding the documents required and the special points to be noted when drawing up an employment contract for highly qualified specialists. We will also help to obtain three year multiple entry visas or residence permits for the relatives of such foreign nationals.

Our fees:

Work permits + invitations for highly qualified specialists

Processing time Cost
20-30 working days from the date of submission of documents to the Foreign Migration Service (YFMS) 40 000a

Obtaining invitations for three year visas to the Russian Federation for members of the family of foreign highly qualified specialists:

Processing time Cost
Processing time - 20-30 working days from the date of submission of documents to the Foreign Migration Service (YFMS) 17 500a

Who can be classed as a highly qualified specialist?

According to amendments to the law regarding the position of foreign nationals in the Russian Federation, highly qualified employees are considered to be foreign workers whose annual salary is two million rubles or more. At the same time the level of qualifications of such employees is at the discretion of the employer. In other words, if the employer is prepared to pay the employee such a salary that means that he regards him as a highly qualified specialist.

For what period is a work permit for highly qualified specialists issued?

The work permit is issued for the period for which the employment contract is valid, but for not more than three years. In the case of an open-ended employment contract a highly qualified specialist will receive a work permit for a period of three years. The work permit can be prolonged for three years but no more than three consecutive times.

How to obtain a work visa for highly qualified specialists and for what period?

Visas for foreign highly qualified specialists are provided for the period for which the work permit is valid. The most common are three year visas. The three year visa allows the foreign national to concentrate fully on his work and to make as many trips worldwide as necessary. In the first instance a work permit and an invitation for a foreign highly qualified specialist can be applied for at the same time. With this invitation the foreign national should apply to the Russian consulate and obtain a two or three year visa for the Russian.
An invitation for foreign highly qualified specialists can be obtained in 14 days. If a foreign specialist wants to prolong a current one year visa and remains with the same employer this is also possible.

Relatives of highly qualified specialists

The relatives of highly qualified specialists may obtain a two or three year Russian visa for themselves and there is also a simpler way for them to obtain a residence permit. Visas for members of the family may also be prolonged in the same way as three year visas for specialists.

Apply for the visa in Russia for a foreigner?
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