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Work permits for Russia

for foreign nationals

Travelmart offers assistance to foreign nationals in obtaining work permits for the Russian Federation. Our specially trained staff provides comprehensive support to companies wishing to obtain work permits for their foreign employees. We are also happy to help individual clients planning to build a career in Russia. Our established working relationship with the Federal Migration Service helps to avoid common mistakes in the execution of the required documents and so for the majority of our clients we can considerably speed up the process of obtaining the necessary official documents granting the right to work in the territory of the Russian Federation. We cannot promise the impossible, but we set out realistic terms and conditions to enable our clients to obtain the desired work permit.

In order to obtain a work permit in Moscow foreign nationals who need a visa for Russia must have a draft or an outline employment contract with a  Russian registered employer, or a foreign employer that has a registered office in Russia. However CIS nationals (who do not need a visa to enter Russia) may apply for a work permit without the need of a sponsoring employer.  Once they have received a work permit CIS nationals are officially allowed to stay in Russia for up to 3 months in order to look for a job, but they must be registered in the Russian Federation for this period. As soon as a CIS national  finds a job, the firm - the potential employer - must request from the FMS a new work permit for the employee to work in the territory of the Russian Federation. In this case the work permit for CIS nationals will be valid for one year. You will find further details about work permits for Russia for CIS nationals in the section “Work permits for foreign nationals who do not need a visa to enter Russia”

Nationals of countries who need a visa to enter Russia can only get a work permit if their potential employer has a quota for recruiting foreign employees. Nationals of such countries cannot obtain a work permit independently. The number of quotas allocated annually is regulated by Russian governmental. Any employer planning to recruit foreigners must submit documents requesting a quota in advance. You will find further details about quotas and how to get a work permit in the section “Work permits for foreign nationals who need a visa to enter Russia”.

Travelmart has vast experience in the area of applying for and obtaining all sorts of work permits for foreign employees in Russia. Our support ensures your peace of mind with regard to coming to work in Russia. We also guarantee and safeguard that the documents you receive are legal and correct. We place our experience and knowledge at your disposal.

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