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Work visa for Russia

Work visa for foreign nationals for the Russian Federation

Service Processing time Fee
Invitation for single entry work visa
Single entry – valid for 3 months
7 days / Letter of invitation (original) 12500a
Prolongation of multiple entry visa
multiple entry — valid for 1 year
7 days / Letter of invitation (original) 12500a

A foreign national can only obtain a work visa if he has a work permit.

There are two steps for obtaining a work visa:

In order to work legally in the territory of the Russian Federation foreign nationals must have a work permit for Russia. In addition to a work permit nationals of countries who need a visa to enter the Russian Federation must have a visa which grants the right to work in Russia. A work visa for the Russian Federation can be obtained at a consulate of the Russian Federation abroad, on the strength of an invitation. In order to get an invitation to work in the Russian Federation an acting work permit is required.

Only the Federal Migration Service of Russia in Moscow can issue invitations. Invitations for a work visa for foreign nationals coming to Russia can only be issued on behalf of an organization or company - the employer. The employer must register with the Foreign Migration Service (YFMS). Once registered, the employer can then request work visas for Russia for potential employees.

When requesting work visas from the YFMS employers must provide:

On the basis of the above documents a single entry work visa valid for 3 months will be issued for the foreign national.

The work visa will be issued by the consulate of the Russian Federation abroad. The foreign national must supply his passport, invitation and insurance himself. It can take from 2 to 14 days to process the application.

Entry documents must be registered within 3 days of arrival in the Russian Federation. Registration can be undertaken by any organization or private individual. On entering the Russian Federation a foreign national will receive an immigration card and with this he can apply to the YFMS to extend his work visa for the Russian Federation for as long as his work permit is valid. If this is not done before the single entry work visa for Russia expires, a new invitation will have to be obtained. A work visa for foreign nationals can be extended at the YFMS in Moscow and does not require repeated trips abroad.

A Russian work visa is a unique document which allows a foreign national to reside permanently  in the territory of the country for 365 days. And in addition, to leave and reenter Russia as many times as desired for as long as the work visa is valid. If a foreign national receives a work permit for a new term, he can renew his work visa in the Russian Federation, without leaving the country.

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