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Business invitations to Russia for foreigners

Foreigners who are scheduled to travel to the Russian Federation for business purposes and need a visa valid for a longer time and with the possibility of multiple visits have to receive a business invitation. When applying to a consular office of the Russian Federation abroad in order to obtain a business visa to Russia, it is required to provide an invitation.

Acquiring a business invitation with our help is a guarantee that the invitation will be done officially, legally and will be accepted at any consulate of the Russian Federation upon applying for a business visa.

The costs and terms of a getting a commercial invitation for foreigners.

We offer various types of business invitations for foreigners from the countries with low and high risks of immigration:

Business invitations

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  Telex MIA URGENT Telex MIA
Single or Double entry
1 month 5500a
17-20 business days
8-9 business days
3 months 6000a
17-20 business days
8-9 business days
Multiple entry
6 months / 1 year 8000a
17-20 business days
13-14 business days
Business visa application

Business invitation for a foreigner in the Russian Federation: what to consider

On our website you can apply for a business invitation - a special document issued on behalf of the inviting organization in the following institutions:

We can issue business invitations on behalf of the client’s company only. If you need to receive an invitation on behalf of your company, we provide the service of pre-registering your organization with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Accreditation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs will give your company the opportunity to legally apply and receive invitations for its foreign partners.

Travelmart offers favourable terms for organizations. Having signed a contract with us, your company will be able to not only get all the benefits of corporate services in the field of visa support for foreigners, but also get access to the whole range of services of our company: booking flight tickets and hotels, applying for visas, issuing passports, booking tours and many more.

Types of business invitations to the Russian Federation

An invitation for a business visa can be made in two ways:

How to get an invitation for a business visa to Russia?

If you have decided on the type of invitation, the application procedure on the Visa-Russian.ru website will not take much time:

  1. Fill out the form;
  2. Pay for the order;
  3. Get an invitation as a telex or a hard copy.

Issuing an official invitation for a business visa to the Russian Federation with us, you save time and guarantee your guests a successful acquisition of a Russian visa.

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