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Work permits for highly qualified specialists

HQS or highly qualified specialists are foreign specialists who can be fast-tracked for a three year Russian work permit. One condition to get an HQS status is a yearly salary of 2 million Rubles and higher.

Travelmart provides professional services in obtaining the documents going through different stages of getting work permits for HQS’s.

By contacting us, you will receive comprehensive answers to such questions as:

We will also advise you on the necessary documents, the specifics of drafting work contracts with a highly qualified employee, and help you arrange multiple entry visas to the Russian Federation for relatives of a hired specialist.

The cost of a work permit for HQS’s:

Main services. Price list and time
Work permit + invitation or visa-free extension Time Cost
for citizens of countries with low risk of immigration 30 days 40000a/human
for citizens of countries with high risk of immigration 30 days 50000a/human

* The state duty for the work permit is 3500a and paid additionally

Additional services. Price list and times
Additional services Time Cost
Invitations for accompanying family members 3 weeks 17500a/human
Salary notice 2-3 days 3500a/human
Notice of early termination of an employment contract 2-3 days 3500a/human
Obtaining a TIN Certificate 6 working days 4500a/human

Travelmart provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow region.

Travelmart only provides services to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow Region.

Getting a work permit for HQS’s

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The due date is calculated from the moment of submission of the documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs

The basic package includes:

To be legally employed in the Russian Federation foreign HQS’s have to have a work visa and a work permit. Travelmart only provides help in hiring HQS’s to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow Region.

Perks of getting a work visa for HQS’s:

The procedure for hiring HQSs is simplified and takes much less time compared to the procedure of hiring foreign specialists of quota/out-of-quota professions.

More about hiring HQS’s here.


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