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Russian visa for Dutch citizens

Do Dutch citizens need a visa to visit Russia? The answer is yes, due to the existence of a visa regime between the Netherlands and the Russian Federation.

A requirement for any type of a Russian visa (tourist, business, working and others) for a citizen of the Netherlands is an invitation. Our company provides official issuing of invitations and assistance in visa support for citizens of the Netherlands. Below we describe in detail how to get a Russian visa if you are a citizen of Netherlands.

How to get a Russian visa if you are a citizen of Netherlands

Step 1. Determine what type of visa you will need for your trip.

1.1. Tourist visa to Russia for Dutch citizens:

1.2. Business visa to Russia for Dutch citizens:

1.3. Work visa to Russia for Dutch citizens:

1.4. Private visa to Russia for Dutch citizens:

Step 2. Get an invitation.

To do this, you must fill out a form and send it along with a copy of the passport of the Dutch citizen.

The cost of tourist invitations for citizens of the Netherlands

Tourist voucher and invitation to Russia Time Cost
For citizens of countries with low immigration risk 5 minutes
1100a 790a
if ordering before January 31 *

* The promotional deal is only available on the website. The deal is valid until January 31.

Get a tourist invitation

The cost of business invitations for citizens of the Netherlands

  Letter of invitation Telex FMS Telex MFA
Single entry
1 month 3000a 2390*a
17 business days
7 business days
7 business days
5-7 business days
3 months 3200a
17 business days

7 business days
7 business days
5-7 business days
Double entry
1 month 3500a
17 business days

7 business days
7 business days
5-7 business days
3 months 3700a
17 business days

7 business days
7 business days
5-7 business days
Multiple entry
6 months 4800a
21 business days

16 business days
16 business days
16 business days
1 year 5000a
21 business days

16 business days
16 business days
16 business days

* The promotion is valid only when filing an application from the site. The duration of the action: until January 31, inclusive.

Business visa application

Step 3. Prepare the documents.

Standard package includes:

With these documents, you have to apply to one of the consular offices of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands:

Foreign citizens do not have to apply directly to the consular office, instead they can use the services of one of the visa centres, which are open to improve the quality of service for the citizens of the Netherlands, other states and stateless persons who wish to receive a visa to the Russian Federation. Detailed information on applying for a visa through the Visa Application Centre is available at www.vfsglobal.com

In the consulate, you will be offered a choice of several rates for a visa:

A visa fee Russia will range from 90 to 540 USD, depending on the selected tariff. More accurate information on tariffs can be found on the official website of the Embassy of the Russian Federation in the Netherlands.

Step 4. Register upon arrival on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Remember, that registration is compulsory if your stay is longer than 7 working days, excluding the day of entry. Registration should be done at the place of the actual residence of the guest. If you or your guests, citizens of the Netherlands, have any difficulties in this matter, Travelmart is ready to assist in solving the issue of migration registration.

Apply for the visa in Russia for a foreigner?
Tourist invitation
1100 790 rubles!

The special price is valid
until January 31 only when you make an order from the site.



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