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We are the leading resource in the Russian segment of the Internet on visa support for foreigners. We have been offering our customers the most reliable and high-tech solutions in the field of visa services since 1997. We are always glad to work with both private and corporate clients.

Visa support - services for issuing tourist invitations, as well as assistance to legal entities in preparing and submitting documents for business invitations. In addition, we provide assistance to organizations in preparing documents for the employment of foreign employees at all stages of the procedure.
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Russian visas for foreigners

Visa support for foreign citizens

The main focus of our work is visa support for foreign citizens who wish to visit our country. We have a thorough knowledge of the Russian legislation and international treaties, and more importantly, practical experience in preparing documents for issuing invitations and visas to foreigners.

Our consultants will help you define the type of visa that is ideal for you.

Our services:

  • Visa support for foreign tourists - a tourist invitation for short trips to Russia.
  • For companies wishing to invite foreigners for business purposes - assistance in preparing documents for business invitations for up to 1 year with multiple entries.
  • Legal support for the employment of foreign workers: assistance in preparing documents for a work permit and work invitation to the Russian Federation.

Qualified assistance in issuing an invitation for a visa to the Russian Federation from the company Visa-Russian.ru will save your time and guarantee that your guests will successfully obtain a Russian visa.


Depending on the purpose of the foreign citizen’s visit, we offer assistance in issuing several types of invitations for visa application.

Tourist visas

This type of visa is suitable for you if you are planning a short-term trip to Russia for the purpose of recreation, entertainment and sightseeing. Issuing a tourist invitation will not take longer than a day.

A tourist voucher and invitation are required for a tourist visa to Russia. To place an order fill out the form on our website.

We can send you an electronic copy of voucher by email or a hard copy by post service. Issuing a tourist visa to Russia is only possible in a consulate of the Russian Federation abroad. A tourist invitation (voucher) is mandatory.


Business visas

If your organization wishes to invite a foreign citizen to Russia for the purpose of attending negotiations, participating in conferences, exhibitions, seminars and other business events, then you should send your foreign guest an invitation for a business visa to Russia.

An invitation for a business visa can be issued for a period from a month to 1 year with multiple entries.

The business invitation is issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and our company provides professional services for preparing the necessary documents and submitting them to the authorized body.

The issuing time stated on our website will be strictly adhered to.


Work permit and work visa to the Russian Federation

Work visa is issued based on a work invitation at the request of the employer. Our company provides consulting assistance to organizations in obtaining work invitations and work permits for foreign citizens including highly qualified specialists.


There are also other types of Russian visas, for example:
Guest (private) visa is issued by a private citizen at a local branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (only in person). Any Russian citizen can issue this type of invitation according to the place of their registered residence.
And others…


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