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We are the leading resource in the Russian segment of the Internet on visa support for foreigners. We have been offering our customers the most reliable and high-tech solutions in the field of visa services since 1997. We are always glad to work with both private and corporate clients.

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Russian visas for foreigners

Visa support for foreign citizens

The main focus of our work is visa support for foreign citizens who wish to visit our country. We have a thorough knowledge of the Russian legislation and international treaties, and more importantly, practical experience in issuing invitations and visas to foreigners.

Depending on the purpose of your visit, we can offer several options for obtaining a visa. Our consultants will help you choose the type of visa that is ideal for you. After getting all the necessary details, we will notify you shortly that your invitation is ready. How quickly it happens depends on the type of visa you choose. After paying for our services, the only thing that you will have to do is wait for your invitation to be ready.

We offer:

  • Visa support for foreign tourists - a tourist invitation for short trips to Russia.
  • Business invitations for a period of up to 1 year with multiple entries for the foreigners coming for business purposes, or simply wishing to obtain a long-term visa.
  • Legal support for the employment of foreign workers: work permits and work invitations to the Russian Federation.
  • Assistance in issuing a notice of the arrival of a foreign citizen.

Visa support with Visa-russian.ru is quick, easy and efficient.

Visa costs

«How much does it cost?» is the most common question about visa services. You can read about the procedure of getting a visa in different countries in more detail here. We follow the market trends and try to provide our clients with only the best prices for visa support. We offer special conditions for corporate clients.

Please, note, that the final price is comprised from several factors:

  1. The price of the invitation. You can see prices here. You need an invitation to apply for a visa.
  2. The cost of the delivery abroad (in case of using a hard copy). Our company works with several international delivery services, and can offer you a good price.
  3. A visa fee which you have to pay for when applying. Also, you would possibly have to pay for insurance, too, in case you don’t have it.

By issuing an official visa invitation to the Russian Federation through Travelmart, you save time and guarantee your guests success in getting a Russian visa.


Depending on the purpose of your visit, we offer several types of invitations for visa application.

Tourist visas

This type would suit you if you are planning a short visit. Issuing a tourist invitation will not take longer than a day.

A tourist voucher and invitation are required for a tourist visa to Russia. To place an order fill out the form on our website.

We can send you a voucher by email or by fax. Issuing a tourist visa to Russia is only possible in a consulate of the Russian Federation abroad. A tourist invitation (voucher) is mandatory.

Order a tourist invitation

Business visas

If you are planning a longer visit or you just want to have a visa valid for a year, then a business visa is perfect for you.

The issuing time stated on our website will be strictly adhered to.

Order a business invitation

Other types of Russian visas

Aside from business and tourist visas, there are other types:

  • Guest (private) visa is issued by a private citizen at a local branch of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (only in person). Any Russian citizen can issue this type of invitation according to the place of their registered residence.
  • Work visa is issued based on a work invitation at the request of the employer. Our company provides assistance to organizations in obtaining work invitations and work permits for foreign citizens.
  • Order a work invitation

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