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How to hire an HQS?

Step-by-step instruction on how to hire an HQS.

The process of hiring a highly qualified foreign specialist consists of four successive stages, each of which includes several actions.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Statge 3:

Stage 4:

Cost of getting a work permit for an HQS:

Main services. Price list and time
Basic services Time Cost
Work permit for citizens from the countries with low risk of immigration 14 business days 25000a/human
for citizens from the countries with high immigration risk 14 business days 35000a/human

* Stamp duty for a work permit of 3500a is paid separately.

* The price includes the notification of employment and support HQs for personal work permit.

Accreditation of the company in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and a work invitation 14 business days 20000a/human
Visa extension without leaving Russia 20 business days 20000a/human
Additional services. Price list and times
Additional services Time Cost
Invitations for accompanying family members 3 weeks 17500a/human
Salary notice 2-3 days 4500a/human
Notice of early termination of an employment contract 2-3 days 4500a/human
Obtaining a TIN Certificate 6 business days 6000a/human
Notarized translation of the passport front page 2-3 business days 1200a/human
VHI policy 2-3 business days 1 year 4000a/human

2 years 8000a/human

3 years 12000a/human

Travelmart provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow region.

Travelmart only provides services to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow Region.

Issuing a work permit for an HQS
An HQS may start working no earlier than the moment of receiving of a work permit.

Can a work permit for an HQS be extended?

If a foreigner is already working in the Russian Federation as a highly qualified specialist, it is possible to extend the work permit without leaving the Russian Federation. In such a case, instead of issuing an invitation, there is a continuous visa extension.

Obligations and responsibilities of employing companies and HQS’s

  1. Companies are required to notify the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the fact and amount of payroll to their highly qualified specialists once per quarter (notification period is within the next month after the end of the quarter). Travelmart provides a service for preparing these notifications and submitting them to the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
  2. In the case of early termination of the employment contract with a foreign employee, companies are required to submit a Notice within 3 business days from the date of dismissal.
  3. Foreign citizens are required to obtain a Taxpayer Identification Number within 30 days after getting a work permit.

Documents required for issuing a work permit for an HQS

    Notarized copies of documents from paragraphs 2-5:

  1. translation of the first page of the hired employee's passport;
  2. translation of the diploma with an apostil - for citizens of countries with a high risk of immigration;
  3. Taxpayer Identification Number– 2 copies;
  4. OGRN (Primary State Registration Number) of the company – 2 copies;
  5. Voluntary Medical Insurance (VHI) - original + copy, certified at the place of work;
  6. photo of a foreign citizen - 3,5x4,5 cm, colour, matte, on a grey or blue background;
  7. an extract from the National Register of Legal Entities (not older than 1 month on the date of submission) - 2 copies; confirmation of payment of state duty for issuing a work permit to a foreign citizen or stateless person in the amount of 3,500 Rubles

  8. For foreigners appointed as CEO

  9. Order + Decision or Protocol from the Founder on the appointment of a foreigner to the position of Director General from the moment they receive a work permit;

  10. If a foreigner is already working in the Russian Federation, additionally

  11. the original copy of the individual taxpayer number (TIN) of the foreigner + a copy certified at the place of work;
  12. copies of entry visas to Russia, work permits, registration and migration card.

Obtaining a work permit as a highly qualified specialist compares favourably to other work invitations and visas options for both the employer and the foreign employee who plans to work on the territory of the Russian Federation. Travelmart specialises in issues of migration and visa consulting, we will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in the legalization of your foreign employees.


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