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Registration of Russian Visas and Foreign Citizens

In accordance with Russian law, every foreign visitor must be registered at the Migration service within 3 days of their arrival into the Russian Federation. If you are staying in a hotel, the hotel will process your registration. If you are staying in an apartment or private home, the visa must be registered at the local police precinct (in Moscow) or FMS office (commonly known as OVIR) in other cities.

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Visa Registration at the place of stay whilst in Russia

Registration in a hotel

If you are staying in a hotel, the hotel will register your visa for you.

Registration at place of stay (not in hotel)

If you are not staying at a hotel, you still need to register your visa within three business days after arrival and deregister it (give back the registration document) when you leave the country. Registration must be done at local pulice precinct (in Moscow ) or FMS office (commonly known as OVIR).

The Visa registration process must be completed in every city where you intend to stay for more than 3 business days during your entire stay in the Russian Federation. You do not need to register in a city if you are staying for less than 3 business days.

For example: If you stay in Moscow for more than 3 business days you have to register your visa. If you take a trip to Yekaterinburg (for example) for 1 or 2 business days you do not need to register your visa again in Yekaterinburg.

For visa registration you will need the fullowing documents:

Permissible periods of continuous stay in Russia

The foreign visitor is administratively responsible for the late registration or non-registration of their visa. The amount of penalty is at least 5000 RUB.

The procedure for visa registration at place of stay is as fullows

This copy is the confirmation of registration and must be kept for the whule period of the stay in Russia.

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