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Publishing a vacancy with the Employment Centre

It is stated in the Constitution that citizens of the Russian Federation have a pre-emptive right of employment. Even if you want to hire a foreigner, and have already found a specific person, you must first apply to the Employment Centre.

We provide assistance throughout the entire procedure for the employment of foreigners, starting from the very first stage – publishing a vacancy at the Employment Centre. Travelmart specialists will fill in the application, select a suitable position, collect all the documents, and submit an application to the appropriate branch.

The Employment Centre reviews the application and, if possible, offers candidates with Russian citizenship for the position. The employer must conduct interviews with all potential employees, even if they intend to hire a foreign worker.

The vacancy must remain active for a month. Only after that, you can proceed to the next stage and submit documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for a permit to engage foreign labour (PEFL). Among other documents to get the PEFL you have to confirm that you applied to the Employment Centre first.

The cost of submitting information to the Department of Labour and Employment:
Service Cost
Submission of information to the Department of Labour and Employment 15500a – Moscow
18500a - Moscow region

Visa-Russian.ru company provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions.
The company must have certification of jobs.
The company should not have tax debts.


The procedure of applying to the Employment Centre

The application is submitted to the local Employment Centre at the address of the actual location of the employer.

The application must specify the position, the number of required employees, the proposed salary, the requirements for candidates. Please note that the position is chosen strictly from the list of above quota professions according to which foreign citizens can find a job above quota. This list is formed every year at the Ministry of Labour.

The position should also correspond to the company's activities. The right to work in Russia without a quota is given to workers of culture, technical specialists, correspondents, engineers and managers. A construction company, for instance, cannot submit an application to the Employment Centre for the position of a circus artist or aircraft technician, and a welding engineer cannot be employed in a marketing agency.

In most cases, it is possible to choose a suitable option from the list of above quota positions, even if it does not fully correspond to the real position. Consult with our experts and discuss the possibility of choosing an above quota position for the employment of a foreigner.

Documents for submitting to the Employment Centre

Application forms are presented in the annexes to the administrative regulations for the provision of public services in the city of Moscow "Assistance to citizens in finding a suitable job, and to employers in finding suitable workers." We fill everything in ourselves based on your application.

  1. Appendix № 2 - 1 copy.
  2. Appendix No. 3 - 2 copies.
  3. Certificate of State Registration   - 1 copy, notarized.
  4. Certificate of tax registration and assignment of TIN - 1 copy, notarized.
  5. Power of Attorney - 2 copies.

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