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Extension of a work visa

The final stage of employing a foreigner for quota or above quota position work is the extension of a work visa. The standard time for this procedure is 20 days. If the current visa expires soon, we will help to speed up the renewal process. According to the regulations, the time for issuing a visa by the Ministry of Internal Affairs is 20 days, but we have the opportunity to speed up the procedure and get a visa urgently in 2-3 days.

Visa-russian.ru specialists provide a full range of visa solutions for our clients, receiving and submitting documents to extend the work visa by proxy.

If you go with the usual procedure, then during the 20 days, the passport remains with its owner, but it must be borne in mind that since their primary visa is single entry, they cannot leave the Russian Federation while waiting for the multiple entry visa. Therefore, in order to avoid possible inconveniences associated with this, we do not recommend delaying the filing the documents for the visa extension. It is the reason why some busy foreign workers need an urgent visa extension.

When do I need to apply for an extension of a work visa?

When a foreigner is employed at a quota or above quota position

After a foreigner received a primary work visa at the consulate of his country with the invitation, which was previously issued for a single entry for 3 months, he or she:

The cost of registration a foreign employee above quota
Service Time Cost
Stage 1. Application at the employment center 30 days 10000a – Moscow
13000a - Moscow region
Stage 2. Getting a permission to attract foreign labor * 30 days 9000a/human
Stage 3. Work permit (plastic) ** 14 business days 9500a/human
Stage 4. Accreditation of the company in the Ministry of Internal Affairs 1 day 17500a
Stage 5. Single-entry Work Visa Invitation *** 12 business days 12500a/human
Stage 6. Extending a visa into a multiple-entry work visa **** 20 business days 9500a/human
Notice of a conclusion or early termination of the employment contract 2-3 business days 4500a/human

* The state duty for a permission to attract foreign labour is extra 10000a
** The state duty for the work permit is extra 3500a

Travelmart provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow region.
The company must have certification of jobs.
The company should not have tax debts.

Issue a work permit and work invitation to the Russia

— When a foreign employee is already working in Russia

If a foreigner working at a quota or above quota position does not change the employer and position, and wants to extend the work visa in the Russian Federation without leaving the country, then we, bypassing the stage of issuing the invitation and accreditation, prolong the work permit . Immediately upon the readiness of the work permit, we will take it, and extend the visa of the foreign specialist for the length of the new work permit without them having to leave the country. A similar procedure takes place with highly qualified specialists , but they are not required to keep the same position and the company-employer.

What documents are required to extend the Russian work visa?

  1. Application for a visa from the company - 1 copy.
  2. Application for a visa from an employee (one sheet, both sides) - 1 copy.
  3. A letter of speeding up the renewal (if necessary) - 1 copy.
  4. Inventory - 2 copies.
  5. Employment contract - 1 copy. (signed by both the employer and foreign citizen)
  6. State duty for issuing a work permit to a foreign citizen or stateless person – 1600 rubles.
  7. Original of the passport with the visa, work permit, migration card, and registration.

We will prepare all these documents ourselves; all you need to do is provide the original documents of the foreigner.

To extend the visa, it is also necessary to provide, among other documents, registration at the foreigners place of residence, which must not be forgotten to be issued within 7 days after their arrival. Read more at the page Registration of Foreign Citizens in the Russian Federation and new registration rules from 2018.

At this, the foreigner's employment procedure ends, but do not forget to apply for the renewal of the visa and the work permit for another year 3-4 months prior to their expiration.

We do not just leave our clients immediately after obtaining their work permits or work visas. We believe that our main task is to provide you and your foreign employees with comfortable work conditions throughout the year.

Read the full information about the employment of foreign citizens on our website.

Order a work permit and work invitation to the Russia


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