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Work invitations to Russia

As in the case of other types of visas (tourist, business, private), it is impossible to obtain a work visa without an invitation. Therefore, after the successful completion of the previous stages, it is necessary to issue an invitation for obtaining a work visa to Russia.

But, unlike tourist and business invitations, a work invitation to Russia for foreigners doesn’t have to be issued immediately, but rather at the fifth of the six stages of a work visa obtainment process. Before you apply for a work invitation to Russia, you must have a permit to employ foreign labour and apply for a work permit.

The cost of employing a foreign citizen above quota:
Service Time Cost
Stage 1. Application at the employment center 30 days 10000a – Moscow
13000a - Moscow region
Stage 2. Getting a permission to attract foreign labor * 30 days 9000a/human
Stage 3. Work permit (plastic) ** 14 business days 9500a/human
Stage 4. Accreditation of the company in the Ministry of Internal Affairs 1 day 17500a
Stage 5. Single-entry Work Visa Invitation *** 12 business days 12500a/human
Stage 6. Extending a visa into a multiple-entry work visa **** 20 business days 9500a/human
Notice of a conclusion or early termination of the employment contract 2-3 business days 4500a/human

* The state duty for a permission to attract foreign labour is extra 12000a
** The state duty for the work permit is extra 4200a

Travelmart provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow region.
The company must have certification of jobs.
The company should not have tax debts.

Issue a work permit and work invitation to the Russia
Cost of applying for a quota:
Service Cost
Submission of information to the Department of Labour and Employment 15500a – Moscow
18500a - Moscow region

Visa-Russian.ru company provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Moscow and Leningrad regions.
The company must have certification of jobs.
The company should not have tax debts.


The procedure for obtaining a work invitation to the Russian Federation

This video below is in Russian. You can turn on the English subtitles or any other language in the player settings, just click the gear-wheel icon.

This consists of the preparation and submission of the documents (the list is given below) to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation, and then picking it up there. Normally it takes 12 working days. If necessary, we can speed up the process.

The invitation is issued for 3 months of stay with a single entry. It can be issued in the form of telex or a hard copy on the official Ministry of Internal Affairs form. Telex is an electronic form of the invitation, which is sent directly to the consulate. You will receive a short printed form by e-mail, which you will need to provide to the consulate with the rest of the documents for your work visa. The original invitation must be sent to a foreigner to receive a visa. We will also help with receiving and sending the original invitation abroad.

Further, in order to obtain a work visa with an invitation, it is necessary to apply to the Russian consulate abroad, where the consul will decide whether to issue the visa. Below, we will consider the package of documents that must be submitted to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation in detail:

Our experts will prepare and submit all the necessary documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and you will only have to wait to receive the invitation. It usually takes 12 working days.

Note that to obtain a visa, a foreigner must collect a standard package of documents and provide, together with the original, an invitation to the consulate. The visa will be issued for the duration of the invitation - for 3 months with a single entry. Further, upon arrival in Russia, the foreign employee must issue a temporary registration at the place of stay within 7 working days, not counting the day of entry, and extend the single-entry work visa issued for 90 days to the multiple-entry work visa valid for a year.

Read further about the next stage – extension of the work visa.

Or return to the description of the whole procedure.



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