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Employing foreigners above quota

If during a foreigner is assigned a salary of less than 2 million rubles a year, you will not be able to employ them as a highly qualified specialist. In order to not waste time on the difficult process of obtaining quotas for attracting foreign labour, you can choose from the list of the above quota positions.

Work above quota

Every year, the Ministry of Labour of Russia approves the list of professions for which foreign citizens have the right to employment above quota. These are mainly engineering and technical specialists, managers, and cultural workers. See the full list on our website in the section. «The list of above quota professions».

Contact Travelmart to employ foreigners above quota. You can rely on our experience and knowledge: we will advise you on the issues, select a convenient option of employment, collect and submit documents to all necessary authorities, and if necessary, we will speed up the process.
The cost of hiring a foreign employee above quota
Service Time Cost
Stage 1. Application at the employment center 30 days 10000a – Moscow
13000a - Moscow region
Stage 2. Getting a permission to attract foreign labor * 30 days 9000a/human
Stage 3. Work permit (plastic) ** 14 business days 9500a/human
Stage 4. Accreditation of the company in the Ministry of Internal Affairs 1 day 17500a
Stage 5. Single-entry Work Visa Invitation *** 12 business days 12500a/human
Stage 6. Extending a visa into a multiple-entry work visa **** 20 business days 9500a/human
Notice of a conclusion or early termination of the employment contract 2-3 business days 4500a/human

* The state duty for a permission to attract foreign labour is extra 10000a
** The state duty for the work permit is extra 3500a

Travelmart provides services only to legal entities registered in Moscow or the Moscow region.
The company must have certification of jobs.
The company should not have tax debts.

Issue a work permit and work invitation to the Russia

Read more about the employment instructions to get an idea of the procedure: hiring above quota..

Instructions for employing foreigners above quota

  1. Apply to a local Employment Centre stating the need for foreign labour. Read more here: «Application to the Employment Centre».
  2. Please note that when applying for a quota, instead of applying to the Employment Centre, you need to issue a quota at the Department of Labour and Employment. More information here: «Obtaining quotas for employment of foreign citizens».
  3. Submit the documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs for the permission to employ foreign labour. More information about it here: «Permission to employ foreign labour».
  4. Submit the documents to the Ministry of Internal Affairs to get a work permit and, if necessary, to have an interview. For details, see «Work permits for foreign citizens».

    If a foreigner is already working in Russia and continuously extending a work visa, the next two steps should be skipped: go directly to step 7. Please note that an employee on an above quota position can extend a visa without leaving the country only if he or she continues to work in the same company and on the same position.
  5. Collect the confirmation of the admission of a work permit application from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and apply for accreditation of the company. More about it here: «Accreditation at the Ministry of Internal Affairs».
  6. Submit the documents for a work invitation. Read more here: «Issuing a work invitation».
  7. A foreigner receives a work visa abroad for 3 months. After that, with a ready work permit, you can extend the visa to a multiple-entry one. For details, see: «Extension of a work visa in the Russian Federation».
  8. Submit a notice of hiring a foreign citizen. Read more: «Notices of the conclusion and termination of an employment contract with a foreign citizen».

Read about all the options for hiring a foreigner on the main page of this section.

Order a work permit and work invitation to the Russia


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